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Checkpoint Henry

A performance at the center of humor and actuality.

In times of migration and increasing control, "Checkpoint Henry" is created for the relief: the world's smallest customs post.
A quirky control freak is stationed at a festival with his customs post (which happens to be as big as a caravan).
Henry points out to the visitors what the conditions of their stay are: it is a performance full of positive and sometimes absurd rules of conduct.
He gives the audience for example a civic integration course through a handy shadow play, clarifies codes of conduct in his office and makes a whole game of an absurdly small barrier.
The purpose is that the visitors of the post can leave the checkpoint with a big smile and a valid visa.
Custom-made visa cards are made on location that can be stamped.

Checkpoint Henry is a comic one-man performance full of fantasy and interaction. The search for contact with the public is central. Henry is the intermediate post between two worlds: the outer and the inner world, the’ us’ versus the ‘they-thinking’.

The artist comes from Belgium