Media magic
espectáculo de inauguración / Final
Animaciòn fija

This is a show about Media artificial intelligence. Only possible in English and German.

Stand-Up (Stage) 
This exceptional show has received multiple international awards. This Media Magician can make online purchases appear instantly from his iPad, transform a tablet into a 3D printer, or even shake sand out of beach holiday photos. Expand upon any tablet show with additional digital effects, e.g. making a notebook float in the cloud, telling the future with smart glasses, or demonstrating artificial intelligence with a robot arm. APPsolutely brilliant!

Close-Up (Table) 
The artist surprises audiences by coming right to their tables during his interactive walk act. This Media Magician brings along his iPad mini to show a „cups and ball“ game together with his smart watch, a virtual electrical outlet that really works, and how to tie a knot in a spoon both on screen and off. This version of the tablet show works without a stage in any space and encourages communication among guests. Digital special effects up close and personal!

The logo can be incorporated  in his show.

This artist comes from Germany

Ficha técnica

This show and close-up is only possible in English and german
Number of artists:1
Info: Shows for up to 30 minutes available
Duration close-act :Info: 1 to 2 hour sessions available, program repeats from table to table