Espectáculo aéreo
espectáculo de inauguración / Final
Animaciòn fija

Spinning through the air this act highlights strenght, beauty and acrobatics in a dazzling way.
It will captivate every audience

The artists come from the Netherlands

Ficha técnica

Duraton :6 minutes
Number of artists: 2
Minimum height: 8 meters or higher,  4 m diameter free space below
Suspension point: 1000 kg
A hoist or winch is needed with a person who lifts the artists.
Always 1 rehearsal on location

  • A heated dressingroom (mirror, chairs, table, snacks and beverages, warm running water)
  • Secured parkingplace
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The organizer has to ensure the application of Sabam (author's rights or any performance rights organisation (PRO) of your country)and the authorization of the police and fire department..
  • If the acts are performed abroad, if it is too late to go home or if they have to play several days the organization needs to provide hotel