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Deze amazones op schaatsen  zijn zowel als mobiele animatie plus als showact inzetbaar. In de zeven minuten durende dans-act zetten de dames een verwonderende choreografie neer. Gebruik makend van rollerskates, originele muziek, bizarre kostuums en subtiele lichteffecten. Het ene moment loopt het op rolletjes, even later vechten ze hun weg naar bestemming. Waar zijn ze naar op zoek? Deze show is zowel geschikt op een plein als op een podium.
Straattheater op skates is al origineel, maar in deze stijl helemaal!  Deze act is zeer geschikt voor evenementen met een groot oppervlakte en/of veel publiek. Door hun snelheid, wendbaarheid en flexibiliteit is interactie met het publiek gemakkelijk. Extra leuk is dat men de skaters niet altijd ziet aankomen. Zoals het publiek zich verbaast over deze vreemde gasten, zo verwonderen de reizende onderzoekers zich over het publiek. En even onverwachts als de Amazones verschijnen en contact maken, skaten ze ook plotseling weer verder op hun onderzoekende tocht.

These amazones on skates   can be used both as mobile animation and as a show act. In the seven-minute dance act, the ladies put down an astonishing choreography. Using roller skates, original music, bizarre costumes and subtle lighting effects. One minute things are running smoothly, the next they're fighting their way to their destination. What are they looking for? This show is suitable on a square as well as on a stage.
Street theater on skates is already original, but especially in this style! This act is very suitable for events with a large surface and/or large audience. Their speed, agility and flexibility make interacting with the public easy. Extra fun is that you don't always see the skaters  coming. Just as the audience marvels at these strange guests, the traveling skaters marvel at the audience. And just as unexpectedly as the Amazons appear and make contact, they suddenly skate off on their investigative journey.

Different themes are available.
Flower Power: The skaters are putting the flowers outside! Nature is in full bloom, so there is work to be done. Because pruning makes you bloom! With a rake, broom and hedge trimmer in hand, these flowery ladies dance on their roller skates.
Looking for gold: the skaters roll on in the gold and enchant the audience. They highlight the beautiful things in life, to share them with you! What golden moments will they discover today? Also very nice for the Christmas period.
Searching for time:are they looking for adventure, or on a special mission? These skaters are certainly not from here. In steampunk style they skate like road pirates after their mysterious target.
Patrol Amazons: Every event runs smoothly with these ladies! This patrol team ensures the desired crowd control. Traffic beacons, light signals and the necessary sound guide the public (in a surprising way) from A to Better.

The artists come from the Netherlands

Ficha técnica

Number of artists: 2
Playing times: 4 x 30' of / and eventually a finale of  5-7 minutes

Final show:  a dance choreography/show dance on the skates on music. They need some sound and take with them a mobile sound box on wheels that works on its own battery  
Required surface:   8  x 8 meters (possibly 7 x 7 also works).

  • Place: Indoor and Outdoor possible There are special wheels under the skates so that floors cannot be damaged.
  • Surface - ground: the surface must be hard and level. Asphalt is ideal, but a normal good street, sidewalk, etc. is also fine. What is not working are cobblestones that are skewed with cracks in between, on grass, sandy soil, etc.
    It shouldn't be too slippery either. Some streets can become very slippery when it rains (usually it is not that bad) and eg a mirror-smooth marble floor is also dangerous.
  • if the performance is further than 250 km, an overnight stay may be requested.
    A free parking space near the playground (loading and unloading facilities)
  • A secured and possibly heated changing room (on the ground floor if stilts) with washing facilities, a table, chair, mirror, snacks and bottles of water/soft drinks.
  • Water and soft drinks + a meal for the number of performers.
  • The organizer is responsible for safety.
  • The organizer must comply with the police