Animaciòn fija
Actuación acuática

A unique show, spectacular and always much appreciated, where the water is a vital element. In the bowl with more than 1000 liters of water, the artist melts with the grace of a ballerina. With strong acrobatic elements from handstands to diving, the audience is fascinated by the magical atmosphere of the pure element of water.

Optional: frog character

The artists are from the Netherlands

Ficha técnica

Number of artists: 1 or 2 + technician
Optional: frog character

  • Free and Secure parking next to the location (loading and unloading)
  • Stage/flat floor: At least 4x4 meters / 4 meters high, flat/even floor, preferably a small stage (stage parts that are well connected to each other)
    Requirements: Ballet floor, availability for clean water supply hot and cold water and drainage point of the water
    If there is a stage, a ramp of 2.5 meters is needed to place the bath on the stage
  • hot water tap maximum 15 meters away from the play area. The artists have a long water hose of 40 m and of a drain pump with hose of 40 m.
  • Dimensions Water bowl: 2.50m wide (from ear to ear) and 1 meter high
  • Weight Water bowl: 140 kg (without water) with water 400 kg
  • Electricity: 220 volts for the pump and drainage water, waterproof electricity/lights/lamps at the Waterbowl (It can get wet around the bowl)
  • Music: Own music on Ipod or to the music of the event (in consultation).
  • Light : In consultation
    Light and sound technician
    The artists bring 1 technician.
    1 stage hand from the location who is familiar with the technical facilities on location is required.
  • Preparation Technique: 2.5 hours - Preparation Artists: 2 hours
  • Private, secured heated changing room for warming up and costumes (mirror, chairs, table, drinks and snack) with hot water (shower) Dryer / spin dryer : for the costumes and towels.
    Catering and soft drinks, water from arrival to departure.
  • The organizer is responsible for safety.
  • When the act takes place abroad and it becomes too late for the artists to go home or when they have to perform for several days, the organization must provide hotel accommodation, meals and drinks for the entire team.
  • For performances during the day, the performers would like to have breakfast/lunch with drinks and dinner when it comes to evening performances.