Alice's Flowergarden
Animación de bienvenida
Animación callejera
Animaciòn fija
Representación visual

Just like the bees that are attracted to the roses, you will be drawn into the magical world, of giant roses and poppies, magic and wonder.
The beauty of those multicolored roses and the giant poppies that have grown up to 2m high will leave nobody indifferent.
Spellbound Children and adults will look with wonder and amazement and they will put a smile on everyone’s face.
This is a highlight for your event.

The installation comes from Belgium

Ficha técnica

Duration: min 4 hours
​Number of flowers: poppies: from 6 to 15
Roses: from 7 to 22
globes: from 5 to 7
Music optional: Alice in Wonderland and/or nature music
Minimum number from: 20 flowers (except the globes only for reception from 5)

  • The client will provide free parking space for a car in the vicinity of the performance. (unload/load at every place where the flower needs to stand)
  • At every location: a music system with USB connection.
  • At every location or group of flowers: electricity for evening lights
  • For evening events: 220V Electricity for the lights
  • The flowers are rain resistant (moderate rain). Preferably in wind-free locations as much as possible. Consultation with the organization from 4 bft.
  • Gusts, hail and heavy rain: the flowers are delicate and can be severely damaged by gusts. In this case, they should be in a sheltered place.
  • The organizer is responsible for safety.
  • declaration to SABAM is done by the organiser/executor
  • The organizer must comply with the police