Fire show solo or duo
espectáculo de inauguración / Final
Animaciòn fija
Espectáculos de Fuego

This powerful duo will take you into a world of acrobatics, dance, theatre and modern spinning techniques that is unique! The precise and choreographed shows will amaze your audience !
Either classically elegant in white or dressed as wild warriors in leather.

The artists come from Germany

Ficha técnica

- number of artists: 1 or 2
- Public address system: 1x MP3 mini jack (you can bring this yourself if you wish!)
- Stage: 3 x 4 meters; 3 meters high; flat and dry.
- Audience: frontal or semi-circular

Obligation to notify the local fire brigade and to obtain fireworks permits.
Access to a water supply point as close as possible to the performance site.
Provision of a powder extinguisher.
Dress and make-up room with running water.
Parking for one car 
The organizer is liable for security.
 If the performance takes place on several days, if the journey is too long or if it is too late to go home, the organisers will arrange accommodation and meals for the performers (2 persons - )
 For daytime performances, the actors require breakfast, lunch and drinks. For evening performances a dinner is expected.
 The performance is fixed when the contract is signed.