The Banquet
Familia y niños
Espectáculos estacionales
Animaciòn fija
Espectáculos de Fuego

A strange darkness has fallen on the dream forest and our little trolls have turned into strange hungry creatures.
A strange banquet is being prepared in the trolls' cave when suddenly, out of the shadows, trolls appear attracted by the seductive scent of the fresh brain who will do anything to master this delightful feast.
Then a fiery confrontation begins to determine which group will enjoy the brain.
When the excitement is at its peak, one of them has a tasty idea and turns to the public in search of new dishes ...

The artists come from Belgium.

Ficha técnica: 

Duration: 25 minutes + final
Volunteers: 2 for safety and to help from the construction up to the clearance
Space requirements: A flat, clear and non-slippery surface with a diameter
from 10 meters + a security perimeter of 5 meters. + Fences

Lighting, sound and electricity:

  • Lighting required at night: 2 LED PARs of RGB color on DMX for the location.
  • A powerful audio system on each side of the stage with a 3.5 mm jack input.
  • A 220 V socket at the rear of the stage that can support the load on technology.

- Possibility to rent the audio / light installation and / or an electric generator through the artists.

Fire show:

  • Obligation to notify the fire department of the region/ city and obtain a fireworks permit
  • Access to a water point as close as possible to the place of execution.
  • The organisation needs to provide of a powder extinguisher.
  • Free parking space for 3 vehicles.
  • Dressingroom: clean, well-lighted with table, mirrors & chairs .+ warm running water, secure, heated and lockable. Toilet facilities. The changing room should have enough room for the performers to get changed prior to the show(s).
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • If overnight stays are necessary, rooms will be required, ideally in a hotel/B&B providing parking and breakfast. + catering.
  • The organizer has to get take of the authorization of the police and fire department..
  • The organizer has to ensure the application of the authorization of the police department.