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Let yourself be carried away in this magical world of bubbles and imagine yourself in a fairytale world between the largest bubbles. Accompanied by magical music, this bubble artist makes the most beautiful soap bubbles.
She also invites children to help her create even more shine and sparkle. ––
She takes all her bubble stuff with her on a mobile and imaginative cart, so she can easily move herself. In short, an enchanting bubble blowing show in which children can actively participate.

The artist is from the Netherlands


Number of artists:1 or  2 artists
Playing times: 2 x 40'  or 60 minutes in a period of 3 hours or 3 x 40' in a period of max 4 hours. 

  • 1 reserved parking space for 1 van with close access to the venue / dressing room and possibility to easily unload and load (other cars optionaly upon agreement). The organizer is responsible for the safety.
    • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • Dressingroom
    •  1 clean, well-lit private dressing room with access to warm running water and toilet.lockable, the key given to the artist/ crew member (if not, then the organizer is responsible for the safety).
    •  Space for 1 or 2 -persons.
      Equipment: 1 or 2 tables, 1 or 2 chairs, 1 mirror.
    • refreshments and healthy snacks and fruit.
  • A secure and sheltered space for the cart between breaks
  • Catering The catering (drinks & meals) for the artists and crew members is at the expense of the organizer
  • Accommodation (if necessary)
    • When performing for more than 1 day or on weekends and an overnight stay is necessary.
    • Hotel / B&B with parking, within 10min drive of the venue unless otherwise agreed.