Obscure Crinolines
Walk Act
Opening / Closing act
Street Theatre
Fixed act

Swirling, turning skirts and exciting dance.
With mirror, perfume and fan in hand, these extravagant ladies frolic around and play with the audience, throuwing a handkiss here and there. Later they return as obscure creatures, masked. They do a short stylized dance, which starts subdued and becomes increasingly wild.

The artists come from the Netherlands.


Number of artists: 2 or 3
Type: fixed act: dance 2 x 20 min or walk act 2 x 30 min or fixed + walk act in consultation.

- A stage/play area for the dance of at least 7 meters by 3 meters.
- Music: They dance to the available live music or DJ set (please adjust to the atmosphere of the act, in consultation). No music is also an option. They provide their own music on request.
Dimensions: The skirts each have a diameter of 1.50 meters.

  • 1 reserved parking space for 1 or more vans with close access to the venue / dressing room and possibility to easily unload and load. The organizer is responsible for the safety.
    • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • Dressingroom
    •  1 clean, well-lit private dressing room with access to warm running water and toilet.lockable, the key given to the artist/ crew member (if not, then the organizer is responsible for the safety).
    •  Space for  2 persons .
    • Equipment: solid tables, 1 chair per artist , 1 mirror. 
    • refreshments and healthy snacks and fruit.
    • Wifi connectie
  • Catering The catering (drinks & meals) for the artists and crew members is at the expense of the organizer
    •  Warm healthy meals(dinner) to be provided for day events/
  • Accommodation (if necessary)
    •  If it is too late or the distance is too far the organisation takes care of rooms for the number of artists
    • Hotel / B&B with parking, within 10min drive of the venue unless otherwise agreed.