Mystic - Mystic by Night
Humor / Parody
Walk Act
Seasonal Acts
Street Theatre
Fire Shows

In this fun interactive act two mysterious characters float through and around the audience on segways.
The characters are a bit sarcastic, provocative and teasing. But they can also be kind. They take care of wonder and magic. They literally create a warm and fun atmosphere among the public.

The fire elements we use are consumer fireworks, petrol and oil lamp.We spew big flames over the heads of the people (via an automated system), we lay fire carpets,fire eating,... This act can be combined with Sabat.


  • Number of artists: 2
  • Duration Act  :2 x 40’ (within 3 h) or  3 x 30' (within 4 h)
  • They need: The assistance of one person during the act is necessary. 
  • Dressingroom: 
    • The dressingroom needs to be on the ground floor, it is a mobile act
    • Shower & mirror
  •  Catering: Meals and beverages for 2 people 
  • Parking: 1 van 
  • a covered area where they can put the segways
  • The organizer has to ask the authorization of the police.
  • If they play more than one day, or if they have to travel abroad, the organization needs to provide a hotel for the actors.