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Lord Bubbleton comes from a town where individuals are a lot taller and, appropriately, so are their bubbles. He brings a hint of fantasy to your occasion and adds an extraordinary level to bubble blowing.
This giant Lord, elegantly dressed in a nice suit, with his special bubble wands creates giant bubble sculptures that
no one can resist trying to pop. And with a bubble machine and light built into his costume, masses of bubbles float around Lord Bubbleton everywhere he goes, putting the magic back into making bubbles.
Lord bubbleton can also be booked with Lady Bubbleton. You can also book Lord Bubbleton with Lady Bubbleton. Lady Bubbleton assists her Lord in various functions. (e.g. handing out cards, candies on a fishing line,..)
The stilt walkers’ unique act is fabulous, outdoor or indoor, daytime or night time for a wide range of special occasions or corporate events. Grown-ups will be amazed by the amazing stilt walker, while children will endeavor to catch the
never-ending stream of bubbles.

The artist comes from Belgium


Number of artists: 1 + and assistant  or 2 artists
Playing times: 2 x 45' within 3 hours or 3 x 45' withing 4 hours (other times or more days upon request)

  • 1 reserved parking space for 1 van with close access to the venue / dressing room and possibility to easily unload and load (other cars optionaly upon agreement). The organizer is responsible for the safety.
    • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • Dressingroom
    •  1 clean, well-lit private dressing room with access to warm running water and toilet.lockable, the key given to the artist/ crew member (if not, then the organizer is responsible for the safety).
    •  Space for at least 2 - 3 persons (or more depending on the chosen act.
    • Equipment: 2 tables, 2 chairs (or more according to the number of people), 1 mirror,
    • 2 clean black or dark coloured cotton towels,
    •  min. 2x outlets 230V
    • refreshments and healthy snacks and fruit.
    • Wifi connectie
  • Catering (vegetarian)The catering (drinks & meals) for the artists and crew members is at the expense of the organizer
    •  Warm healthy meals(dinner) to be provided for day events/
  • Accommodation (if necessary)
    • A minimum of 1 double non-smoking room is necessary when performing for more than 1 day or on weekends and an overnight stay is necessary (more rooms could be needed upon the chosen act). This condition is only to be met after consultation withthe artist.
    • Hotel / B&B with parking, within 10min drive of the venue unless otherwise agreed.