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The Cauldron, and the beautiful world of all the other inhabitants, is in danger.
This is why our two trolls are preparing for a mission to the human world. They are responsible for finding certain elements that would have enabled them to save the Cauldron...
While Grandfather Troll was putting the finishing touches on the machine, Grandma Troll brewed a potion to enable them to embark on this journey.
Unfortunately, she made a fatal mistake in her magical recipe and all the trolls  turned into nightmarish and rabid creatures!!
The goal of the 2 trolls is now no longer to save the cauldron and their world, but to make their world and people dark so that they can give the harmful energies to the cursed machine.
In this way they hope to open a doorway for the whole horde of enraged, rabid and hungry trolls who are…waiting for one thing….to leave their world and invade yours…

The artists are from Belgium


Show 20'
Walkact: 4 x 45'

  • Two parking spaces located as close as possible to the location: vehicle 6m long.
    Two security people available from installation to dismantling.
  • Changing room: located as close as possible to the place of performance with access to water and equipped with a mirror, possibly heated (depending on weather conditions) and always safe.
    A space sheltered from bad weather and always safe for the cart. Dimensions of the cart: 215 x 170 x 195 cm).
  • Place of performance: A flat, open and non-slippery surface with a diameter of 15 meters.
    A  solid well anchored and closed tent (4 sides), bigger than the cart in case of rain.
  • Lighting, sound and electricity
    No sound system, the cart is equipped with it.
    Lighting required at night: 2 RGB colored LED PARs on DMX for the venue.
    A 220V outlet at the back of the play area.
  • Logistics and security:
  • Cords without the act (for public safety) – if no strings then fences.
  • Two security people available from installation to dismantling.
  • Obligation to warn the firefighters of the region about fire show.
  • Access to a water point as close as possible to the fire show performance venue
  • Provision of a powder extinguisher if chosen for the fire show.
  • A full midday meal and/or an evening meal depending on the schedule, non-alcoholic drinks provided in the locker room and drink vouchers for the event.