dinner's ready!
Culinary acts
Humor / Parody
Living Statues

A mysterious steaming pan, no less than 3 empty plates and an empty chair ..
When the wife serves the food, it turns out to be their favorite food!
Whether their guest is happy with this? Fortunately the audience is!
Who joins? Who digs in? Enjoy your meal!

The artists are from the Netherlands


Duration:3 x 40' within a 4 hour period.
Number of artists: 2 + assistant / make up artist

  • Free parking in the vicinity of the dressing room. (loading and unloading option)
  • A clean, safe (or lockable) and spacious dressing room on the ground floor with mirrors, enough light to put on the make-up and a table with at least the number of chairs equal to the number of artists. Dressing room should have heating or air conditioning when necessary. Shower is a must, snacks and drinks. Near sanitary installations. and leeway.
    Dressing room in the vicinity of the performance.
  • A vega snack¬†before the performance and a warm meal after the performance at night.
  • If overnight stays are necessary, rooms will be required, ideally in a hotel/B&B providing parking and breakfast. + catering.
  • The organizer has to get take of the authorization of the police .
  • The organiser is responsible for the safety of the artists.