Dance of the death
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Do you like to party? Do you feel like dancing? Move your skeleton to the rhythm of ours!

Are you the kind of guy who stays away from the dance floor? We’ll challenge you to resist a leap in the hypnotic dance of death.

Our skeleton is a 6 meters high puppet made of wood, and supported by an electric crane. Thanks to the joint effort of our 5 manipulators working the audience, the puppet comes to life.

Dance of the Death is an itinerant street performance made for parade formats. It is suitable for all audiences, but especially directed to young people. The vehicle that drives the puppet also supports the sound system from which the soundtrack and light effects are fired. The whole show is a choreography and the audience is encouraged to dance with the skeleton. We bet you won’t resist!

The artists come from Spain


​Format:ideal for parades. 1 x 60 minutes or 2 x 30 minutes
Number of artists: 5
Buildup: 4 hours
Disassembly: 3 hours

ASSEMBLY SPACE NEEDED: 15 x 15 meters approx.Disassembly down takes place where the show ends. Supervision and fences will be necessary to define / delimit the access


  • During the itinerary, the minimum dimensions of the streets should be: 4.5 m width x 6 m height, with as few obstacles as possible.
  • The show can’t be done when most of the route is less than 4,5m high. It’s very important to take this into account.
  • It won’t be possible to make sharp turns during show itinerant.
  • The itinerary surface must be flat, with no unevenness
  • The maximum Height of the Structure is 7 meters. Tthe show cannot be performed when large parts  of the walkact or parade is less than 6 meters high.  It is very important to take this into account!

ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: 220V socket source in the assembly space and where breaks can be organized (if needed).
STAFF: 2 support people during the itinerant. Surveillance when not in use.

    • One colective dressing room, with bathroom, showers with hot water and chairs.
    • Mineral water (no gas) during stage set up, at the end of the show and during tear down.
    • Located near the stage set up and beginning of the show
  • Civil liability policy by the contracting party.
  • A contact person should be assigned, capable of making any decisions regarding DANCE OF THE DEATH show, from the moment of the company arrival to the set up, performance and departure.
    • The company travels with a 6 meter van plus a 5 meter trailer.
    • The vehicle must reach the set up and breakdown areas.
    • Guarded parking for the company´s vehicle (during the whole stay at the performance location).
  • Accommodation and catering for 5 people during the whole stay of the company. 
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The organizer has to ensure the application of Sabam (author's rights or any performance rights organisation (PRO) of your country)and the authorization of the police and fire department..
  • The date is only set when the contract has been signed