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This artist's comedy routines are frequently asked for corporate events, variety programs, modern and classic circuses, festivals,... He will animate the event with a hanger, a glove, a barrel or a rope …. The audience is always happy to see him enter the stage again and again. … He adapts his acts to his public, young or old. Laughter is always central.

He is a comic fool who hangs his show on a slack rope and entraps his audience with spell binding contortionist routines. A gentle, crazed character, his show is a unique event that stirs the audience with its clowning antics, and technical feats of brilliance.
Originally from Belgium, he studied mime-movement theater at Lecoq in Paris and has performed his award-winning act in Europe, Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and Japan making people laugh in eight different languages.

He has worked on stage in theater and circus, on open air festivals, at corporate and private events and made various television appearances. An original and very entertaining one-man act suitable for all ages.

This artist comes from Belgium


Playing times: Indoor : 60 minutes  & outdoor: 45 minutes
The show can be programmed 2 times in a day (allow 1 hour interval between the end of the first representation and the start of the 2nd).
It can be programmed for day or night. It can be played indoors, or outdoors or under a tent (prefer intimate spaces without noise around). The ideal public is somewhere between 300 and 800 people, but bigger crowds are possible, depending on location (circus f.i.).

Team: Arrival of the team: 3 hours before the time of the representation. We are two people on tour. (1 artist and 1 technician)

Build up - Break down:

The stage is accessible to prepare the show 1 hour before show time.
We need about 25 min to take down after the show

Stage requirements:

On stage or ground, all kind of flat, solid surfaces are possible.

  • Width: 8 m
  • Depth minimum: 6 m
  • Perfect height: 7 m

Point to anchor one end of rope for rope walking act (it might be any fix point around the stage, an anchor place, a pole, a weight (800kg), for outdoor show it might also be a fixed bench, a solid flower pot, a spike (which we can bring with us) in the
ground, a vehicle, etc.... in circus mostly one of the tent poles)

The artist’s show needs audience participation so an easy access towards the public is needed.

For circus: Barto will use some fire during the rope act. A smaller carpet (4m x 4m) which protect the big ring carpet will be good to have.

Audio and light:

  • Audio: For outdoor events: the artist can bring his own sound system (Yamaha 2X400Watt) on demand.
  • Sound system (minimum 2 inputs), Barto uses a wireless mic and a computer (or life music.)
  • Electricity is needed to connect this equipment.
  • Stage needs to be well lit with bright lights from the front and the sides; the light plan is adapted to the performing stage.
  • Other: One free electric input 16 A/220 V next to the stage.

Technical staff: To verify with the artist: sometimes one person might be needed to help with the music during the show.


  • Provide a clean space to do some excercices for warming up, to put make up and costume close to the stage.
  • Refreshment and fruit are appreciated.
  • Meal: They appreciate a vegetarian meal after the show.

Overnight stay: If necessary (see contract) one double room.

Parking: For Mercedes Vito (height: 2m00)

Aerial transport:

Check in luggage:

One case 51 cm X 51 cm X 76 cm (hight) on wheels of 10 cm; weight: 45 kg
One piece 160 cm X 10cm X 10cm, weight: 8 kg

  • 1 parkingspace if they travel by car
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety