Welcoming Act
Opening / Closing act
Fixed act
Visual act

Live installation with video projections and 3D
A very sophisticated and refined light design project. An actor wrapped genial costume against a backdrop of video projections depicting cosmic landscapes and fairy tale sceneries, unexplored places, magic, visual games and seduction, invented and adapted to suit all types of events.

The soundtrack features original music from the company’s repertoire, at times played live by TribalNeed, exceptional musician and poly-instrumentist.

Avalaible in

  • Basic act - white
  • Basic act with lights (at night)
  • basic video-projections  
  • 3D videomapping 

Beautiful in combination with  Crystal Wings or dreamspinner (film 1 and 2)
Available as show in combination with Crystal Wings , dreamspinner Oracle or Invasion of moonlight

The artists come from Italy


Available in a solo or duo act.
Available as show in combination with Crystal Wings , dreamspinner , Oracle or Invasion of moonlight
Show: duration 10 - 15 minutes
Flexible as visual show duration from 10 to 60 minutes
Dimensions: see picture:  
Please note that the logo can be projected on the outside walls and surrounding structures or with the inscription of the Butterfly

Provided by the organisation:
Equipment used and required for basic installation:
- pedestal or basement of 2mtx2mt x height ( tbc according to the space )

Equipment used and required for basic video projections and 3D mapping

  • N. 01 projector 5,000 A.L. ( only if video- projections are required )
  • N. 01 projector support
  • N. 04 led bars wireless battery
  • No battery. 01 complete plant FBT
  • vertus n. 01 Mixer yamaha 124cx
  • N. 01 PC-software Facade Mapping
  • Pedestal or basement of 2mtx2mt x height ( tbc according to the space )
  • Stand or support for projection  to secure it in height of at least 1.5 meters