Biking towards the sky
Aerial show
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Visual act

Biking towards the sky is an air performance. (20 minutes). As darkness falls, the artists bring a performance with Angels and musicians. Biking towards the sky tells you a story about being together in dark days. Angels that balance between heaven and earth. A mix of cinematic images, singing and dancing ending in an air performance.
The 'city', being both the stage and  the subject, gives this performance a special dimension.


Duration: 1x 20' to 40' (20'grond & 20' sky)
Artists & Crew:17 to 19 people
Transportation: C-truck, 35 m³
Structure: Crane
Helium balloons: 250
With an adapted movie.


Hoisting crane, light, sound, helium and infrastructure are to be provided by the organizer. If permitted, the artist will bring the fireworks and pyro confetti, if we are not allowed to transport it from Belgium, the festival should provide it. ( Ask us for a detailed list). The organizer is responsible for arranging all necessary permits. This is very important, because each country has different regulations.

  • HELIUM : Sufficient helium for 100 balloons (11inch) should be provided by the organizer.
  • VIDEO : The crew brings all the equipment for projecting video images on a large circular movie screen attached to the truss. The festival can send video footage that will be used in the film during the show. This footage should be sent to the company at least one month before the performance
    • The organiser / festival provides all necessary power supply:
    • For light and sound: 3x380 Volt / 50hz 32 A – 2 electrical distribution boxes with each minimum 12 shuko connectors (12 x 220V 16A) divided over 3 phases.
    • The first panel should be placed at the P.A., the second near the crane, this will be used for work light near the truss or extra charging points for batteries that the artists use.
    • To be arranged by the organizer/festival:
    • A circle of 14 diameters made of connecting fences are to be put around the truss lifting-area.
    • Fire-safety and 2 fire-extinguishers.
    • Securing the audience from the crane.
    • Turning off street lights at the start of the show.
    • A clean dressing room with clean floor (bare feet)
    • A space for 18 people to change.
    • 1 big mirror (man-size)
    • 25 chairs, 5 tables, 3 racks with cloth-hangers
    • light
    • at least 6 power sockets (220v electricity)
    • Dressing room needs to be safely locked during performance or night
    • Beverages & snacks for 18 people
    • (If necessary the dressing room can be installed in 2 tents of minimum 5x5 meters, dry floor).
    • A room for loading the batteries and safe storage for the video equipment during the night. The
    • dressing room could be used for this if it is big and safe enough. On this location we also need 8
    • shuko electric sockets for charging batteries.
    • Free and safe parking has to be provided for the truck or container close to the location during the
    • entire period of the company's presence.
    • If the crew is traveling from Belgium by car: 4 free & secure parking spaces for cars
    • 18 performers
    • Hotel for 18 people. Double rooms, twin beds.
    • Catering for 18 people: 6 vegetarian (no meat), 3 vegan (no meat, no fish)
    • Arrival day, Building-up & rehearsal day, Performance day(s), Departure day
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The organizer has to ensure the application of Sabam (author's rights or any performance rights organisation (PRO) of your country)and the authorization of the police and fire department..
  • If the acts are performed abroad, if it is too late to go home or if they have to play several days the organization needs to provide hotel accommodations for the team, meals and beverages.
  • For day performances the artists would welcome a breakfast/lunch with beverages and for evening shows a dinner.
  • The date is only set when the contract has been signed

Complete Techryder: upon request