Humor / Parody
Street Theatre
Fixed act

Shaving, a major event, what you see is what you feel. 
Warm towels, massages, make it complete. An appropriate décor was a must. A shipyard trailer car became a barbershop. Each hook, brush, wallpaper, chandeliers, oak floors; every detail was thought through. Everything was handmade, technical assistance was called in as needed.

Domotica in a Barber shop? We have it all.

From mouth to ear..

Men do not need to be the greatest connoisseurs when it comes to 'take time for yourself'. At the barber, the man shows its true face and he lets his guard down. From mouth to ear. In a beautiful decor. Et nous vous accueillons en Français. Or in English.  
The artists have a good track record: 25 years of street and event theater, role playing, children's theater, improvisation, training, coaching. The synergy eventually ends up in a unique project. The radiant mobile barber salon was presented to the public after eight months work . Connoisseurs are excited: this act with added value can be seen.

This BarBershop does not only stand for professional facial treatment for Men and Sons.
Animated discussions about the Belgian weather, the fluctuating price of the vegetarian pork, feminale tipping point of the split index and the newest uptown track of Dow Jones are on the conversational menu. And of course, the true story of the ear of Van Gogh. The old radio hums on the background.
But skin advice, maintenance of shaving equipment, trimming beards, shaving and styling kids’hair belong to the job responsibilities.


Duration of the Act: they remains five hours on site.

  • Height: 3 meters
  • Length: 5.20 meters. Maneuvering space: 1.5 meters
  • Total length needed 6 to 7 meters.
  • Width: 2.40 meters Hatch: 2.00 meters
  • Total width needed 5 meters
  •  Power Point: 220 V, 16 A up to 40 meters. A private generator can be provided. This will be installed within a soundproof wall.
  • Gladly but mandatory: Water at a max reach of 20 meters. If needed they bring their own water container.


  •  Arrival: 2 hours before event
  • Departure: 2 hours after the event
  •  Meal: to be provided by the organizer
  •  Beverage: to be provided by the organizer
  •  Overnight stay: to be provided by organizer
  •  Contents bar: to be discussed at reservation
  •  Glasses, cups, ...: basic items are provided.
  •  Number of glasses etc upon agreement.
  •  They provide two standard ie barber / barmen. If a permanent crew of the bar and seating is desired a third actor must be provided .
  •  Free coffee for customers who get a shave
  •  Extra Charges for cocktails (option)
  • ORGANIZER agrees to take care of the fee for broadcasting,music and / or text to the SACEM and / or SACD and / or SABAM (Belgium)
  • If they play more than one day, or if they have to travel abroad, the organization needs to provide a hotel for the actors.