Bow and arrow
Eröffnungsshow / Finale
Feste Aufführungen

Agile, more agile, most agile: this artist undoubtedly falls into the latter category. She is not the only contortionist, but she is the only one who masters this act to perfection.
This is an act of several minutes in which the artist shows all her movements. And at the end comes the stunner: then she shoots an arrow with her feet with a bow, in handstand.

The artist comes from the Netherlands

Technische Daten

Performance duration: 5 minutes
Number of artists: 1 contortionist and 1 assistant
Vehicle type: normal car

  • Free secure parking.
  • Arrival: 2.5 hours before the performance for a rehearsal / spacing / warm-up
  • Build-up- dismantling time: building up 45 minutes including light and sound / dismantling 10 minutes
  • Required playing surface space: 4x4mt depending on the sightlines, consultation about raised stage or flat floor.
  • Special surface: If possible ballet/marley floor black / no concrete
  • Assistance:  a light and sound technician of the organization
  • Light: at least 4 spots (2 in each side of the playing surface) and sound installation. Please consult in advance with the organization about the light plan of the location.
    When performing outdoor during the day, no light is needed!
  • Professional sound installation- Outdoor they can bring their own sound installation
  • Other technical specificities: No one is allowed to stand or walk behind the bull's-eye at which the acrobat shoots her bow
  • Personal secure warm and clean dressing room with a mirror and space for the acrobat to warm up properly
  • Catering: 2 x vegetarian