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You and I

This is an intimate and interactive walking act about the daily themes around love.
You will be taken along in a story full of romance, magic and wonder and  they sometimes pull someone's leg. 
It is a performance where time stops for a moment.
A timeless act, suitable for all ages and different cultures.

The act is a silent performance without sound and can therefore be placed anywhere, but preferably not next to a music stage.
Ideal to fill empty places, access roads, between 2 major acts to fill the void.
The act does not interfere with other acts, even if they walk by, this will not cause any noise nuisance.
They start walking and fall silent in certain places and then gradually come to life.

This act starts already from the dressingroom because they are immediately noticed
The act is a combination between mime, movement theater, slow images, improvisation.

The artists are from Belgium