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This car can be described as an aquarium on four wheels filled with goldfish and a chap behind the steering wheel who seems a bit.. well, just be on your guard, that’s all.
It’s a remote controlled aquarium, built in an Autobianchi Qattro Posti from 1965 that has been narrowed down to 90 centimeters. A moving interactive installation .. or even better: ‘A street phenomenon, that plays with the audience.’

This lovely Italian car has been customized and equipped with an electro-motor. The chassis carries an odd collection of special effects, which are all remotely controlled: a chattering bonnet, smoke from under the bonnet, JAWS. The man in the aquarium will give you an inscrutable stare… and then suddenly points a water spray at you… and you will discover that he is not averse to honking….

The goldfish that can be seen swimming in the car are an intricate part of its charm. Some people may feel anxious about the well-being of the goldfish. I appreciate their concern, and I like to ensure them that I provide compassionate care to my fish: the water temperature is checked several times a day, the water is filtered every night, the goldfish get enough food and an air pump constantly provides fresh oxygen.

If you happen to visit one of our performances this year, you will be able to establish that our goldfish are not showing any signs of stress or discomfort. If anything, they seem to glide quite happily through the water !



The main points in the technical rider and the general terms and conditions are:

Duration  3 x 30 minutes per day.

  • It is important that the water tap is located near the venue of the performance.
  • Everything works on a battery-pack. We charge batteries before every performance. During a long route, we need to charge during the breaks. Please make sure there are power supplies available.
  • Set-up time is 2 hours, 1 hour breakdown.
  • We use our van as a dressing room and for the equipment.

We kindly reguest the host organisation to provide:

  • A parking spot for our van and trailer wagon.
  • 400 litres of clean drinking water.
  • An electrical outlet: CEE 230V (max. 13A).
  • A sufficient amount of food and drinks (catering, consumptions).
  • Overnight stay in a hotel (When there’s a booking for several days and driving back to Utrecht is no viable option.-more than 500 km distance)
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The date is only set when the contract has been signed.