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The willow is the tree of the dream and unconscious inspiration. In many cultures it plays an important role in mythology, magic and folklore. Willow has always been associated with dreams, artistic inspiration and sorcery. Even today, in countries with a Celtic influence, there is the tradition of burning large, straw and hay-filled dolls representing the winter witch or the old man winter.

Man has been using willow species for centuries because of their strongly pliant twigs. These twigs are braided into fences, baskets, zinc pieces for dike construction, mats, fish fowls ... or use them as binders.


The artists make custom outdoor work (organic sculptures, abstract works, outdoor decoration ...) and indoors (lighting, baskets, interior objects ...), static or movable, and in all shapes and sizes. We discuss your wishes and can offer a customized total project. Creativity, quality and a personal approach are our strengths.

The willow lends itself perfectly to customization. This due to its flexibility, natural appearance and compatibility with other natural materials. In this way, clay or loam adapts in symbiosis with willow. The combination with metal also leads to very original and exclusive works. Erasing with different colors gives the work an extra dimension. The artists are always looking for earthly, raw materials to experiment with!


Inspired by Celtic rituals and different land-art artists, sculptures are built with pruning wood. All this to celebrate midsummer night and to put the work on fire as an apotheosis. Making installations that enrapture people is food for the soul.


From the end of October up to and including March, the season for planting live work is running.
Think of tunnels, arches, domes, secretions, mazes, pergolas and much more that appeals to the imagination. These constructions are made in open ground or in mobile plant and flowerpots.
Living wickerwork requires annual maintenance that the artists can also perform. They prune everything down to the original shape or braid them again. This way, this creation can grow through the years into a unique whole entity.

The artists come from Belgium


Customized work
Workshops: min 3 hours and more

  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • The artist would like hot meals and beverages 
  • If the acts are performed abroad, if it is too late to go home or if they have to play several days the organization needs to provide hotel accommodations, meals and beverages.
  • For day performances the artists would welcome a breakfast/lunch with beverages and for evening shows a dinner.
  • The date is only set when the contract has been signed.