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What will the future bring?
At night the tent extra attractively lit with lights + mysterious fog banks .... (smoke machine).
Also possible as a mobile act. They also provide mobile lights at the table.

Corona safe: see techryder below.
The artist (s) are from Belgium


Number of artists: 1 or 2
Playing times:  3 x 45 min within a half day of  max4 hours
Preparation: 1.5 hours
The organizer provides electricity (220V-16A) for the evening lighting.

  • A free parkingspace for a van in the neighbourhood of the play area (load- unloading)
  • Dressing / makeup room with access to hot running water, chairs, table and mirror, snacks and soft drinks.
  • The organizer has to ensure the application of Sabam (author's rights or any performance rights organisation (PRO) of your country)and the authorization of the police department..
  • The organizer is responsible for the safety
  • If the acts are performed abroad, if it is too late to go home or if they have to play several days the organization needs to provide hotel accommodations for the team, meals and beverages.
  • The date is only set when the contract has been signed

Corona measures: CORONA SAFE:

=> OR Cover with plexiglass & 2 fortune tellers to receive people in their bubble & to run smoothly. Cards are not touched + use of  pendulum.
=> OR the fortune tellers can also be MOBILE (walkabout)