Walk Act
Street Theatre
Visual act

A visual and poetic proposal for the street.

Gigantic mechanical toys, this big bird travels through the streets, it comes to life under the action of its technicians, stretches its long neck and calls out to the windows of the upper floors.

As close as possible to the ground, he looks at the crowd around him then jumps in a dance that makes a scene of the street with an improvised ballet. The rhythmic and enhanced mechanical sounds mingle with the song of birds and are part of the soundscape.The stylized structure construction allows the people to discover the function and thus points to the anatomical movements that gives life to the flamingo.

The Flamingo is presented in the urban space as a poetic image and takes the audience into an imaginary migration


Duration: about 1h30

Dimension of the structure:

  • length: 4.20 meters
  • Width: 2.80 meters
  • Height: 3.60 meters minimum - maximum 4.50 meters

Artists: three
Building: four hours
Dismantling: two hours
day or night show
Parade or event
autonomous sound


  • Any place that allows the movement of the structure
  • Mounting / dismantling: a great place not accessible to the public, covered and lockable. This room must be accessible for us for the duration of our stay and as close as possible to the starting point.
  • A standard socket 220V 16A air
  • Dressing room: The building location can be used as dressing roomlocally (with sanitary installations)
  • Snacks and beverages should be provided at the location of the build-up before and after the performance
  • Possibility to check the route before the show with a representative of the organization.
  • Two supervisors provided during the duration of the show that walk with the structure.
  • Parking: from the arrival to departure a closed and guarded parking for Iveco truck 3.5T registered AB-350-DP
  • In case they should play several days: the organization needs to provide overnight stay + meals + breakfast
  • The organizer has to ask the authorization of the police.
  • The date is only set when the contract has been signed
  • The organizer is responsible for security.

The artists come from France.