Humor / Parody
Walk Act
Street Theatre

The cleaning team

Busy busy busy! These are the words of our time ... Work, work, work ... and that combined with the housekeeping, maintenance of personal hygiene and a whole list of other to do's. Time for hobbies, friends, or just relaxing is reduced to a minimum ... Familiar? This cleaning team is your solution! Done with the laundry and the washing, dusting and mopping ... Done with showering, brushing and cleaning teeth ... From now on it will be done for you! Here comes the cleaning team of the future! In a playful cleaning mobile car, this cheerful duo is looking for any lack of hygiene!! From the pavement to the armpit puddle. Relax and be pampered while your body and surroundings undergo a transformation in a very special way!
They make everything shine in cheerful, swinging music! A bizarre show of brushes, buckets, wipes and toothbrushes

Attention: can be contagious and make the laughing muscles work

These artists come from Belgium